[Telecom Council Silicon Valley] Motorola Predicts Contraction of Mobile Platforms to Linux, Microsoft and Symbian

Christy Wyatt, Motorola by techpulse360At the Telecom Council Silicon Valley conference on “Handsets Innovation Review 2008” in Santa Clara, Calif., Motorola’s software executive, predicted the contraction in the number of platforms in mobile phones to basically 3: Linux, Microsoft and Symbian.

A trend that is driven by operators who are increasingly writing their own software and experiences and can not support so many different configurations.

“Already they are telling us, “I’ll support these 2 or 3″. And they are converging on the same 2 or 3″, said Christy Wyatt.

For the Motorola’s VP of ecosystem and market development, the operating system convergence in the mobile space parallels the one that happened 10-15 years ago the in desktop computing where applications also drove the market to converge to 3 OSes: Windows, MacOS and Linux.

“The cost of support of 15 OSes in an enterprise was too much for the IT group and so they said I can’t do this anymore. I’m just going to support 1 or 2 OSes. Help us make it one. And it has to be this one because the applications I want run on this one. And it was very quick from that point in time to the time where you saw 90+ % market share in enterprise computing”.

So what about MacOS in the mobile space as in the iPhone? The iPhone is still less prominent than the other 3 in terms of units – mobile Linux is strong in China for example – but it sure has a lot of publicity and third party developers (hardware, software and operators) following.

But of course, just like in the Mac world, no one but Apple can make an iPhone. Leaving LG, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung… “playing” with the other operating systems.

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