Printed, organic RFID tickets: Testing accuracy

Now, obviously, you make something new, you better want to judge its efficiency before it hits the markets right? While there are many techno-novices out there who don’t believe that and learn the hard way nevertheless, printed organic RFID tickets, well, 1000 of them will be tested in an event this September in Frankfurt, Germany. While the basic purpose they are going to be expected to serve are keeping an accurate tab on how many people attended the event, the batches will be converted by Bartsch and are deemed to be the first-ever printed, low-cost-organic tickets. How efficient they are? Well, only the ‘test’ of time will tell. But till then, in case you want to poke some fun at it and find out for yourself if it really has a future in this new-techno-bashing world, attend the program for yourself, and RFID jammer. C’mon you got to give it some run for its money, right? (NiRa) Via

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