[Oracle Open World] Oracle failed to impress, for once

TechFever_OracleOpenWorld200800262Sure you may have been hobnobbing at several conferences, and may not have had too much mind-space to keep a tab on everything, but what everyone who attended the Oracle OpenWorld did notice is that Oracle didn’t really have much to offer or talk about.

Sure, there was quite some excitment about the Beehive (new collaboration product) and its new hardware device (data warehousing tool that will now play catch-up with Greenplum), but Oracle didn’t break much new ground.

The only really exciting and honest statements were from CEO Larry Ellison about cloud computing, who called all the hype about it complete gibberish.

The problem is that every tech company now wants to be associated with cloud computing, no matter if their products and services meet the basic criteria. At least Ellison isn’t afraid to address the hijacking of the phrase by marketers, including Oracle’s.

So while Oracle didn’t have much to say, we are happy it didn’t have too much boasting to do unlike some other companies who tend to go over the roof with it.

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