[Interop 2013] Jeda Networks Introduces The Industry’s First SDN Solution Focused on Storage Networks

Jeda Networks (www.jedanetworks.com) today announced the Fabric Network Controller (FNC), the first software-only solution that creates high-performance storage networks over a high-speed Ethernet fabric. The FNC eliminates the complexity, specialized management resources and high cost required by current offerings composed of proprietary network hardware and software. The FNC software resides in the network as a virtual machine which decouples and extracts the storage networking control plane from the physical hardware. This “storage network overlay” transforms the Ethernet fabric into a powerful, highly scalable storage networking fabric. Managing the fabric is simpler and less resource intensive, adding agility to the Ethernet fabric and dramatically reducing TCO costs for organizations.

The FNC supports Fiber Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) enabled devices, delivering on the initial promise of this standard protocol with a high performance, scalable and lower cost alternative to FC and iSCSI solutions. The FNC has been successfully integrated with a number of multi-vendor 10Gb and 40Gb Data Center Ethernet switches and because the FNC is software, it is network and access speed agnostic, so as speeds migrate to 100Gbs and beyond, the FNC will continue to work within these leaps of performance.

Key FNC technology features include:

Simple installation as a virtual appliance for VMware ESX. As a virtual appliance, the FNC may be installed in any virtualized server that has access to the network.
A pure software solution that works with any standard Jeda qualified Data Center Ethernet switch and any FCoE supported server and storage array.
Flexibility for network administrators to dynamically define a storage network overlay in software. The FNC has completely separated the network control plane from the data plane.

“The FNC enables a new generation of converged storage networks that can be created and removed dynamically, as needed. This virtualizes the way applications connect with storage, bringing with it new levels of agility and scalability to the Data Center,” said Stuart Berman, Founder and CEO, Jeda Networks. “By finally virtualizing the storage network, Jeda’s FNC transforms how storage is networked in the Cloud era.”

Jeda Networks will be at Interop 2013 (Booth #2544) in Las Vegas on May 6 – 10 and at Data Storage Expo in Tokyo, Japan on May 8 – 10 to demonstrate their FNC solution.

Jeda will be shipping their FNC solution in an Early Ship Program (ESP) beginning in May 2013 with general availability in the summer.

About Jeda Networks

Jeda Networks is transforming the way applications connect with storage in the Cloud era. Jeda Networks created the Software Defined Storage Network to combat complex, costly and inflexible storage networks. Early test and beta shipments are under way with Jeda Networks customers and partners.

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