Embedded Systems Conference Boston 2008: Altera to Exhibit at Embedded Systems Conference, Boston, MA, October 27-30, 2008 at Booth #1030

Visit Altera at ESC Boston, where leading companies showcase cutting-edge hardware, software, tools, and the full spectrum of system components. By attending, you will learn relevant new skills, meet and talk with vendors, network with peers, and develop new strategic partnerships—all under one roof, at one time.
– See how Altera FPGAs add value to your embedded design by
– Boosting system performance
– Extending your processor’s peripheral set
– Multiplying your software performance with hardware
– Protecting your software from processor obsolescence
– Check out dozens of graphics demos with the Nios II Embedded
Evaluation Kit
– Experience the ease of building embedded systems with Altera’s
system integration and software design tools
– See why Nios II is the world’s most popular soft processor

Demonstrations and Presentations

Altera will be demonstrating its industry-leading Nios II processors and Nios Embedded Evaluation Kit, its productivity enhancing FPGAs, and the latest advances in its SOPC Builder system development tools.

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