CTIA Wireless 2009: International CTIA WIRELESS 2009® Keynote Remarks from Al Gore Identify Wireless as the Solution to Key Challenges Faced by the Climate, Economy and Global Security

International CTIA WIRELESS 2009® closed on Friday after a riveting keynote address by former Vice President Al Gore, who emphasized that the wireless industry is “one of the great success stories in the American economy.” The continued development of wireless infrastructure is a key indicator fueling the communications revolution.

Gore noted that the U.S. has the most competitive wireless industry of any nation in the world, and “because of the competition, we are seeing a continued pulse of investment to expand the capacity of [broadband] networks.”

“While the wireless industry comprises a small portion of the global economy, its impact is expanding rapidly,” he said. “Now is the time for business to take the lead. We have government leadership committed to this transition now, and we have a country that is aware and ready to make the transition. There is no upper limit to the ways we can exploit wireless spectrum.”

Addressing environmental concerns, Gore noted that wireless technology will be one of the key tools used to solve the climate crisis. “This is one of those rare times we all agree that the government needs to build out a green infrastructure that will free us from foreign oil and draw on clean energy.”

Despite economic conditions, International CTIA WIRELESS continues to be a vital resource for building relationships and promoting innovation in the wireless industry. The show saw 34,000 attendees from 169 countries, over four days of combined conferences and exhibitions.

“Wireless is the solution to so many of the important issues we are facing today,” said Robert Mesirow, vice president and show director for CTIA. “This show made it extremely clear that innovation in sectors such as energy and healthcare is happening now – it’s real, and it’s transforming business and lifestyles.”

Throughout the show, companies showcased the latest high-end devices and netbooks while developers shined with new applications touted for new and existing storefronts, including the BlackBerry App World, launched during RIM’s keynote on Wednesday.

For complete show coverage including photographs and videos, please visit: http://daily.ctia.org/wireless2009/.

Next up, CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment, taking place October 7-9, 2009 at the San Diego Convention Center. For more information visit www.ctiashow.com.

About International CTIA WIRELESS 2009®

As the largest wireless show in the world representing a $1 trillion global industry, International CTIA WIRELESS brings together all industries advanced by wireless technology for three days of intense learning and networking. Visit www.ctiashow.com.

CTIA -The Wireless Association® is the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry, representing carriers, manufacturers and wireless Internet providers. CTIA is also recognized as the producer of two annual technology events: International CTIA WIRELESS 2009 takes place in Las Vegas, April 1-3; International CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment 2009 takes place in San Diego, October 7-9. For more association information, visit www.ctia.org.

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