CTIA 2008: Alcatel-Lucent Press Backgrounder

Alcatel-Lucent Press Backgrounder

1) Alcatel-Lucent’s Services Business Group activities
2) Alcatel-Lucent’s Unlimited Mobile TV solution
3) About Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent Press contacts

For the Alcatel-Lucent Services Business Group & Unlimited Mobile TV Solution
Stephen Loudermilk, e-mail: sloudermilk@alcatel-lucent.com, cell.: +1 908-672-5237

1) Alcatel-Lucent’s Services Business Group activities

In today’s compelling, fast-moving world of communications, service providers, enterprises and governments are under pressure to find better and more cost effective ways to deliver advanced communications applications and services with optimum performance, reliability and security.

Focused on helping customers transform their business by enabling better and more effective communications. Alcatel-Lucent Services is the Network Integrator of Choice – a new kind of global services company delivering value through its unique combination of IT/Consulting Experience and Network Expertise.

Alcatel-Lucent Services has the most comprehensive depth and breadth of services in the industry – with nearly 30 solutions backed by more than 90 services, helping customers maximize revenue, innovate for the future, operate cost effectively, and execute flawlessly.

Alcatel-Lucent’s Services Business group offers the people, technology and expertise to help service providers, enterprises, and governments find solutions that perform in today’s marketplace and prepare them for future.

Alcatel-Lucent, formed by the merger of Alcatel and Lucent Technologies, is one of the largest communications powerhouses in the industry, and its Services Business Group is a trusted partner to the world’s 30 largest service providers and over 100 enterprises in more than 130 countries.

Whether faced with the challenge of reducing operating and capital expenses, managing complexity, or optimizing business continuity and network security, customers can rely on the multi-vendor, multi-technology network know-how of Alcatel-Lucent Services.

A 100-year track record of carrier-grade success

Alcatel-Lucent combines an in-depth knowledge of its customer’s network and business challenges with the expertise to enable an easy migration to the future. More than 100 years of carrier-grade hands-on experience backs up our ability to provide the resources to design, implement, maintain, monitor and operate the most sophisticated and multi-vendor wireline, wireless and converged networks in the world.

Backed by Bell Labs and Research & Innovation Group

Alcatel-Lucent Services is putting the innovations of Bell Labs and Research & Innovation Group to work to solve complex problems for our clients. Renowned in the communications industry for its history of technology leadership and highly regarded as the leader in defining next generation networks, Bell Labs and the Research and Innovation Group hold more than 25,000 active patents and is active in 130 standards bodies. Alcatel-Lucent Services leverages the tools and processes of Bell Labs and the Research and Innovation Group to deliver state of the art network services and solutions.

Global knowledge, local presence, 20,000 people strong

Alcatel-Lucent’s services group encompasses more than 20,000 service professionals worldwide with the vision, skills and expertise to empower customers with the communications capabilities, capacity, reliability and innovations that exceed the expectations of their end-users. A diverse customer base is distributed throughout Europe, North America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America. In addition, Alcatel-Lucent Services professionals average more than 15 years of practice experience and many hold as many as 35 industry-leading certifications.

Market Leader focused on a Huge and Growing Market

Focused on a total addressable market estimated to be 68 billion Euros in 2010, Alcatel-Lucent is one of the world’s leading services companies and its goal is to become the largest worldwide services business in the communications industry by 2009. It currently ranks No. 2 in telecommunications infrastructure services revenue, according to Technology Business Research.

4 IP Transformation Centers, 10 Network Operations Centers, and 90+ Technical and Welcome Centers

Internationally, Alcatel-Lucent operates 4 IP Transformation Centers, 10 Network Operations Centers, and 90+ Technical and Welcome Centers to help our customers focus on serving their customers.
• IP Transformation Centers, located in Singapore, Belgium, New Jersey (U.S.), and Texas (U.S.) develop, integrate and test end-to-end IP networking solutions to help operators and enterprises transform their networks to a full IP-based architecture. Alcatel-Lucent is currently leading more than 40 Triple Play and IP Transformation projects worldwide.
• Network Operations Centers provide round-the-clock 24×7 support and service provisioning for network operators, helping to lower operational costs and improve network performance.
• 90+ Technical and Welcome Centers in strategic locations around the world deliver value-added services and applications to service providers in their local clients.

Delivering world-class, end-to-end solutions
Alcatel-Lucent Services Group aims to become the world’s largest services business in the communication industry by delivering world-class, end-to-end solutions that enable customers to:

• Maximize revenue by delivering profitable new services to attract and retain customers
• Innovate for the future with a scalable, flexible network that prepares them for the future
• Operate cost effectively by optimizing the network, operations and support systems
• Execute flawlessly, providing high quality, reliable and secure services

Establishing long-term partnerships

Alcatel-Lucent Services strives to create long-term partnerships with its customers, offering a proven delivery methodology for transforming networks and managing end-to-end solutions. Our four-phase process includes consulting; design; integration and deployment; and ongoing maintenance and operation. We are committed to providing total support and satisfaction to our customers, meeting diversified needs with multiple technologies and vendor support.

Strategies to address the needs of service providers

Alcatel-Lucent leads the way in delivering value-added services in five key areas of customer needs: IP Transformation; Applications Integration; Multivendor Maintenance; Managed Operations and Hosted Services; Enterprise and Government Services.

IP Transformation

As service providers move toward converged IP-based services, network transformation, network optimization and service improvement, Alcatel-Lucent helps customers transform their networks to meet current and future requirements. Alcatel-Lucent solutions for IPTV and triple-play, IP transformation, and network optimization enable customers to optimize their investments, improve flexibility and service delivery, control risk and costs, and speed up network transformation.

With more than 40 Triple Play and IP Transformation projects worldwide, Alcatel-Lucent is working with service providers around the world to accelerate IP transformation.

Customer Successes
• AT&T recently rolled out a state-of-the-art fiber optic network enabling IP-based programming, video-on-demand and high-speed internet to 23 million households. Alcatel-Lucent provided full turn-key video head-end deployment and sustained engineering support.
• Working with KPN, Alcatel-Lucent led the deployment and integration of an all-IP next generation network supporting 7 million customers. IP Transformation Centers minimize technical and commercial risk, so the network delivers the high performance end users demand.
• Alcatel-Lucent helped Telstra migrate its voice and broadband access network into a single IP-based infrastructure, removing legacy access platforms and collapsing multiple IP and data networks into a single infrastructure.

Applications Integration

Alcatel-Lucent helps customers optimize existing networks to gain a competitive edge and accelerate the development of personalized and blended services. Our application integration services help customers improve performance and increase end-user satisfaction, eliminate complexity, reduce costs and create new revenue opportunities.

Alcatel-Lucent’s professional services activity has benefited from large deployments of IPTV services in North America and from strong OSS/BSS activity. In OSS/BSS, we were recently ranked No.1 and 2 by Gartner and OSS Observer.

Customer Successes
• In a partnership with Manx Telecom, the services group provided network design, installation, integration and migration for an upgrade to a fully converged fixed and mobile IP network. Alcatel-Lucent provided the technology for IP access, edge and core, UMTS, IMS and NMS. Add OSS-BSS wins.

Multivendor Maintenance

Customers rely on Alcatel-Lucent as a strategic, long-term partner to provide end-to-end network support, proactive solutions, and a comprehensive support services portfolio that encompasses products supplied by the company and as well as other suppliers. With more than 11,000 maintenance agreements worldwide, the services group evaluates business processes and helps to identify more efficient, cost effective and profitable ways to do business. Our team of experts average over 20 years of experience and rely on a knowledge base that spans more than 1,600 products from 290 vendors. Client successes include British Telecom and Verizon.

Customer Successes
• British Telecom outsourced its global services maintenances to Alcatel-Lucent with an expected cost savings in excess of Euro 75 million over 8 years. Alcatel-Lucent provides a single point of contact for multi-vendor, multi-technology support.

Network Operations and Hosted Services

Alcatel-Lucent offers solutions that support all wireless and wireline networks, including best-in-class modeling and analysis tools to provide objective recommendations that reflect a commitment to providing world-class network quality. The company’s global infrastructure provides the people, tools, processes and platforms to help our customers operate successfully. Currently, Alcatel-Lucent manages more than 55 networks supporting 80 million subscribers worldwide.

Our innovative solutions and business models result in cost savings, process improvement, quality improvement, improved time to market with new services, and increased customer satisfaction, plus the agility to deliver next-generation services.

Customer Successes
• E-Plus selected Alcatel-Lucent to manage several network business divisions of Germany’s third-largest mobile communications provider, E-Plus Mobilfunk
• Telecom New Zealand partnered with Alcatel-Lucent to migrate its network to the new IP platform and next generation telecom services, achieving its goals of improving QoS and reallocating resources to providing expanded services to its customers.
• Hutchison Global Communications outsourced its fixed line network operations and processes to Alcatel-Lucent, realizing guaranteed 99.99% network availability and a mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) between 2 and 4 hours.

Enterprise and Government Services

Alcatel-Lucent is a recognized leader in delivering end-to-end, industry specific solutions for network intensive industries, including transportation, energy, government, e-Communities, corporate and other markets. Our ability to provide integrated communications is proven worldwide for customers who have relied on us to design, implement and maintain essential, reliable, and safe, secure communications networks that address specific needs.

Customer Successes
• The United Kingdom’s Highways Agency is deploying a new, high-speed IP/Ethernet-over-WDM network that will improve reliability and performance. Improved vehicle traffic flow, enhanced driver safety and security, and improved driver information are additional benefits.
• Over the past ten years, Alcatel-Lucent has delivered audit and risk assessment reports for Centre National d’etrudes Spatiales and secured more than 100 projects. The French Space Agency relies on us for independent expertise and specialized skills for audits, risk assessments and architecture design.
• In the Spanish principality of Asturias, Alcatel-Lucent delivered an end-to-end fiber to the home backbone and access network serving 30,000 households. The network also provides affordable, reliable broadband access to remote mining areas, helping to improve daily communications and safety.
• A turnkey fiber optic network developed and deployed for RTE increased operational efficiency by allowing better control of the grid. In addition, RTE was able to leverage its investment by reselling excess fiber-optic capacity to local authorities.
• For Earthlink, Alcatel-Lucent’s security assessment and penetration tests provided an easily demonstrated return on investment for their new VoIP infrastructure. Earthlink was able to minimize security costs, mitigate vulnerabilities, and reduce customer churn.

Alcatel-Lucent: An experienced, trusted Network Integrator

As the Network Integrator of choice with an unmatched combination of both IT experience and network expertise, customers worldwide can depend on Alcatel-Lucent services to help them meet their business challenges. We are uniquely qualified to manage complex network transformations that deliver profitable new services, evolve to new technologies, drive network and operational efficiencies, and perform flawlessly with proven, secure networks and services.

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2) Alcatel-Lucent’s Unlimited Mobile TV solution

Mobile TV Ready for Prime Time

Today’s mobile end users want more from their mobile services. They want advanced services that let them download and play songs and videos, send text messages, conference with colleagues and friends, and exchange pictures or videos on whichever device they are using. Now, mobile end users worldwide are showing a growing interest in mobile TV.

Where it is available, mobile TV has been successfully deployed on existing cellular infrastructures in point-to point mode. But this approach is not designed to deliver the same content to many users at the same time. It prevents mass-market deployment and, due to potential congestion, does not allow mobile service providers to deliver the high quality of experience end users demand.

To go beyond point-to-point offerings and provide mass access to mainstream TV channels on mobile, service providers must deploy dedicated mobile broadcast networks that are comple­mentary to existing cellular networks. But the design of these net­works may be expensive and risky.

Alcatel-Lucent minimizes the expense and risk of mobile TV deployment with a mass market solution that addresses the expectations of con­sumers, television broadcasters and mobile operators.

Simplify the Delivery of Mass Market Mobile TV

The Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV solution simplifies the delivery of mass market mobile TV. It’s a complete, turnkey solution that allows you to present end-users with a truly diversified Mobile TV offer based on a mix of mainstream broad­cast channels and an unlimited num­ber of specialty unicast channels.

The mix of broadcast and unicast services, combined with interactive capabilities made possible by Alcatel-Lucent’s content management and service platform, can improve cus­tomer retention and drive higher mobile service revenues. And, the Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV solution delivers service to your whole market because it is designed to provide exceptional indoor cover­age and service availability throughout a whole country or region.

The result is a mass-market mobile TV option tailored to deliver an unlimited number of TV channels, to an unlimited mobile audience with unlimited coverage.

Leverage the Experience of a Trusted Partner

With the Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV solution, you leverage Alcatel-Lucent’s experience and expertise delivering mobile video and TV services around the world.

As your trusted mobile TV partner, Alcatel-Lucent helps you design, develop, deploy and operate an effective mobile TV solution opti­mized specifically for your environ­ment. Alcatel-Lucent’s partnership approach helps you:

• Select the technology that fits you best
• Initiate an efficient mobile TV business
• Deploy and operate an unlimited mobile TV service

Select the Technology that Fits You Best

To deploy and integrate a mobile broadcast overlay with your network for a truly mass-market mobile TV offering optimized for your market you must address many challenges:

• What spectrum is required?
• Which standard is most appropriate?
• How can you achieve your target coverage?

Alcatel-Lucent has addressed these and other technology challenges with the Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV solution.

This solution makes optimal use of existing network investments and resources and combines them with the best technical capabilities of various technologies and spectrum options to deliver a complete end-to-end solution designed to be easily adapted to your needs.
Depending on your current assets (network and spectrum) and service objectives, the Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV solution offers different infrastructure options to deliver main­stream channels:

• High-power mobile broadcast satellites which provide direct terminal reception across rural areas countrywide
• Medium- to high-power transmitters for urban/suburban outdoor reception
• Low-power transmitters for cellular-like quality of service in urban indoor areas

Full flexibility between terrestrial and satellite backhauling is also provided to feed these infrastructures with the channels to be broadcast.

End-user terminals receive broadcast TV either from terrestrial repeaters or from the satellite, and unicast TV from a 3G broadband connection.
To deliver the content, the mobile TV service delivery platform adapts and aggregates TV programs and rich mul­timedia services into IP service streams and selects the transmission format, either broadcast, or unicast (2G, 3G, etc.), depending on the targeted audience.

The service delivery platform lets you provide end-users with interactive and personalization features such as chat, voting, and click-to-buy. And it pro­vides seamless access to related services, as well as cross-advertising opportunities on any combined unicast and broadcast network.

Alcatel-Lucent Unlimited Mobile TV Solution is based on DVB-H/SH standards

The complete Alcatel-Lucent solution gives you the most flexibility for a mobile TV service designed for efficient operation and optimum coverage.

Based on DVB family mobile TV standards, it offers wide spectrum availability, from UHF up to 3GHz. It allows you to choose the best combination of DVB-H and DVB-SH technologies for your market. And it accommodates multiple infrastructure options, from satellite, to broadcast towers and cellular sites.

And as a true pioneer of the DVB-SH technology, Alcatel-Lucent has established an ecosystem of industrial and research partners to optimize the delivery of Unlimited Mobile TV based on this new technology.

New DVB-SH Specifications Allow Better Efficiency and Flexibility for Mobile Broadcast Network Implementation

The new Digital Video Broadcasting-Satellite services to Hand­helds (DVB-SH) specification is an evolution of the Digital Video Broadcasting-Handheld (DVB-H) standard. It enhances the range of DVB standards for the delivery of mobile digital television.

As DVB-H, the DVB-SH standard enables the delivery of IP-based media content and data to mobile terminals (mobile phones, PMPs (Portable Multimedia Players), USB keys, … and also vehicular devices) however, it provides three key improve­ments to facilitate and optimize mobile broadcast implementation:

1) Designed to work in multiple channel configura­tions and up to 3 GHz, it allows a much greater choice in terms of spectrum options ­

2) Integrating two essential trans­mis­sion improve­ments (turbo coding and a highly flexible interleaver), DVB-SH offers a much better spec­tral efficiency, translating directly into signifi­cant cost savings: at same fre­quency and for same coverage, DVB-SH requires more than twice less CAPEX to offer the same number of channels, or offers twice more channels for same CAPEX

3) Finally, DVB-SH allows hybrid satellite / terrestrial operation to extend mobile broadcast reach all across a territory: terres­trial components insuring efficient coverag­­e (including indoor) in urban and dense areas and satellite transmission pro­viding coverage in rural and outdoor areas where terrestrial network is too expensive to deploy.

Beyond these transmission-related improvements, DVB-SH fully com­plies with and benefits from existing upper layer services (electronic program­ming guide, content delivery protocols, service purchase and protection) defined for DVB-H.

Alcatel-Lucent Mobile TV press announcements

Feb. 6, 2008
Major players of the DVB-SH ecosystem join forces to demonstrate live Mobile TV in S-Band throughout the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona


Jan. 16, 2008
SFR and Alcatel-Lucent field validated the fundamental assumptions for the deployment of a DVB-SH Mobile TV terrestrial network – Reusing part of the existing 3G+ sites allows efficient and economic indoor coverage


Dec. 19, 2007
ICO and Alcatel-Lucent to demonstrate first Mobile TV broadcast in North America based on the DVB-SH satellite/terrestrial standard at CES


Dec. 14, 2007
Alcatel-Lucent, 3 Italia and RAI join forces for the first DVB-SH mobile TV trial in Italy – First DVB-SH broadcast mobile TV trial in the world blending mobile and broadcast networks


Sept. 7, 2007
Alcatel-Lucent and Samsung demonstrate live interactive broadcast mobile TV in S-Band based on DVB-SH at IBC


For more Unlimited Mobile TV announcements: http://www.alcatel-lucent.com/mobiletv

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3) About Alcatel-Lucent

Alcatel-Lucent (Euronext Paris and NYSE: ALU) provides solutions that enable service providers, enterprise and governments worldwide, to deliver voice, data and video communication services to end-users. As a leader in fixed, mobile and converged broadband networking, IP technologies, applications and services, Alcatel-Lucent offers the end-to-end solutions that enable compelling communications services for people at home, at work and on the move. With operations in more than 130 countries, Alcatel-Lucent is a local partner with global reach. The company has the most experienced global services team in the industry, and one of the largest research, technology and innovation organizations in the telecommunications industry. Alcatel-Lucent achieved revenues of Euro 17.8 billion in 2007 and is incorporated in France, with executive offices located in Paris. For more information, visit Alcatel-Lucent on the Internet: http://www.alcatel-lucent.com

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