2010 NAB Show: Harris Corporation Announces Significant New Features that Integrate with its Full-Motion Video Asset Management Engine (FAME™)

Harris Corporation (NYSE: HRS), an international communications and information technology company, has announced new capabilities that integrate with its commercial Full-Motion Video Asset Management Engine (FAME). These additional features are designed to improve situational awareness by helping manage the massive quantity of video and other data that military and government agencies receive every day.

FAME is a collaborative platform that provides video, audio and metadata coding, video analytics and archive capabilities within a unified digital asset management solution. Using the FAME architecture, Harris has developed additional features to provide intelligence analysts and warfighters with better access to higher-resolution full-motion video, motion imagery and visual imagery.

Integrating crossover technologies from Harris commercial and government businesses, Harris has been able to dramatically reduce the time required to get multimedia, situational awareness information into the hands of military commanders and other decision-makers. At the 2010 NAB Show, Harris is unveiling new features that utilize the FAME platform, including a number of new software applications for use as intelligence tools.

Improved Situational Awareness Enables Actionable Intelligence

Harris is introducing a powerful add-on capability to its FAME asset management architecture to support „event-based correlation“ of media and other sources of intelligence within the architecture. This new add-on will significantly enhance military users‘ ability to associate media and intelligence information to solve complex problems across a wide variety of data sources.

„The Harris ‚event-based correlation‘ feature provides a powerful set of tools to allow analysts to correlate and visualize a range of data sources,“ said Brian Cabeceiras, vice president of strategic marketing and technology, Harris Broadcast Communications. „The data sources can be tied to events, which can be correlated with other sources of intelligence within the same user environment.“

The new add-on capability will help military analysts tag specific data in video; combine and verify the resulting information with slices of video, audio, sensor and other data; and send the information in real time to decision-makers in the field.

Advanced Graphics Technology Improves Usefulness of Geospatial Data

Also new is the Harris Media Collaborator, which provides both traditional broadcast and military customers with advanced telestration and tracking capability, as well as access to additional information-bearing graphics to the entire motion imagery process. In addition, Harris has integrated a Flash reporting tool into the FAME architecture, which automates the fusion of video, rich graphics and metadata into a Flash video for dissemination to end users.

Other enhancements include an enterprise-enabled FAME solution, which has been implemented using virtualization technologies. This greatly reduces the hardware footprint, simplifies deployment and reduces support and maintenance overhead — resulting in significantly lower, overall life cycle costs.

Harris also has developed a geospatial-enabled multiviewer to work with the FAME platform. This multiviewer enables military command centers to link content with geospatial data to make it more useful and contextual, as well as view multiple displays of inputs in a common viewing environment. In addition, a highly scalable, IP-enabled graphics stream processing solution allows the creation of evolved video feeds in the compressed domain. These capabilities extend the reach of the FAME architecture from the sensor to the warfighter with a lower profile and footprint, making it much more user friendly in mobile/forward-deployed locations.

Harris Broadcast Communications offers products, systems and services that provide interoperable workflow solutions for broadcast, cable, satellite and out-of-home networks. The Harris ONE™ solution brings together highly integrated and cost-effective products that enable advanced media workflows for emerging content delivery business models.

About Harris Corporation

Harris is an international communications and information technology company serving government and commercial markets in more than 150 countries. Headquartered in Melbourne, Florida, the company has approximately $5 billion of annual revenue and more than 15,000 employees — including nearly 7,000 engineers and scientists. Harris is dedicated to developing best-in-class assured communications® products, systems, and services. Additional information about Harris Corporation is available at www.harris.com.

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